ARAC Day 07

Today we slept in a little and then zoomed with our boys. Afterward we packed Karin’s things into the car and drove into Snowmass Village — which has a year-round population around the ski resort. Parking in the free spaces was impossible, and we understood why when we realized all of the cars had expensive bike racks. The resort does a summer and fall business as a downhill mountain-biking destination. We took the gondola to the top of its ascent and settled in for an early lunch under beautiful blue skies. We had sticker shock from yesterday’s parking price at the Aspen Highlands, but today the parking in the garage was free. Karin dropped me off at Anderson Ranch and headed back for Denver. I went in to the studio to play some Zelda III. I looked through my Switch wish list to see what other games I might want to sample as I move forward.

I found out that the organizers of the Latinx Games Festival have organized a virtual game jam through

I wonder if I can make enough progress on Nemo’s helper, or a version of it, to submit.