ARAC Day 06

Karin arrived last night after an exhausting drive up from Denver. Today we visited Aspen and a farmers’ market just off of Main and Galena. I bought some chocolate from one of the stalls and roasted green chiles from another. We went to Clark’s Pharmacy and picked up some dry goods: gloves, baseball cap, coasters. We then went to the Aspen Highlands ski resort to catch a shuttle up to the Maroon Bells wilderness information center. We hiked between 3-4 miles out and back to Crater Lake. There was a family of moose at the first lake, I can’t remember its name. We stayed and ate burgers at the Aspen Highlands. We stopped at City Market in Aspen after our dinner, to get provisions for my stay while the cafe is closed. Karin thinks I got an abundance. I don’t know if I got the right things. I talked to Karin about fetch quests to get her feedback throughout the day.