A couple of weeks ago, Nortec Collective’s Clorofila dropped Corridos Urbanos, his long-awaited solo album. We caught up with Clorofila (aka Jorge Verdin) and asked him about his new record. Guanabee: Why a solo album? Jorge Verdin: Towards the end of 2007, we were having a hard time doing a follow-up to Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3. Everyone was busy doing their own thing and it was hard pinning down a time to collaborate. In order to keep putting out music, Nortec decided to branch out into duos and start working again. Bostich and Fussible teamed up and put out Tijuana Sound Machine. Hyperboreal and I were going to put something out together, but it turned out I had more tracks. That’s when the label came up to me and said, “Why don’t you come out with a solo record?” At first I was reticent, but then I started liking the idea of having twelve or thirteen tracks of my own. Guanabee: You started off doing graphic design before joining Nortec. Did some of those skills you learned as a graphic artist come into play when crafting this album? Jorge: Yeah, definitely. Most art forms share the same qualities: contrast, tonality, symmetry, and composition. All the elements used to make a good graphic design can be used to make a track that works. (via Guanabee | Guanabee Talks to Nortec Collective’s Clorofila)

May 5, 2010