Month: August 2015

  • SJO -> BOG -> NVA

  • It is true for me, as for so many countless others, that librarians saved my life, my internal life. Gloria Steinem (via nationalbook)

  • “The Unsafe House” by Bruce Sterling

    brucesterling: The narco pulled three steel thermoses out of his desk. The flasks were the size and shape of mortar rounds. He popped the tops and decanted a taste from each into three fancy Chinese porcelain cups. “You’re risking your career to buy the best coffee left in this world,” said the narco, blinking…

  • Technologists control the world we live in — and artists are worried Technologists control the world we live in — and artists are worried | Fusion

  • actuallykylekallgren: hoku-san: albawrites: absentlyabbie: wolvensnothere: poppypicklesticks: darkslover: barnabasdeimos: muchymozzarella: twostriptechnicolor: kane52630: Baby-DollBatman: The Animated Series This is one criminally underrated Batman villain. SERIOUSLY THOUGH SHE WAS MY FAVORITE BATMAN VILLAIN Her physical condition didn’t allow her to age No one took her seriously as an actress And even when she was trying to get into…

  • In Ohio, half a million people told not to drink contaminated tap water #1yrago

    mostlysignssomeportents: “Water at a Toledo, Ohio, treatment plant has tested positive for a dangerous toxin, and nearly 500,000 Ohio residents have been told not drink the tap water,” reports the Los Angeles Times.  Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared a state of emergency today in three counties. Two water samples have tested positive for microcystin, a…

  • futuristech-info: 200 ft. ought to do it says Amazon – Wants to create a dedicated delivery-drone airspace where will I fly my kite?