Month: December 2013

  • notational: artruby: Daniel Rozin, Weave Mirror (2007). I’d like to see a video of this, or better yet see it in person.

  • Long time no see – have we gone away from hard SF?

    WillAffleckUW: Hey, Bruce. What is your current feeling on the current trends in fiction – in book form, manga, anime, TV, and film – have we gone away from hard SF towards science fiction focused on relationships and societies, or is this just a surface trend as we deal with the actual implications of reality…

  • code drawing 46

    code drawing 46

    code drawing 46, created on 2013-12-30. paper clips and Gego.

  • itswalky: Another Side Effect Of This “Girls Don’t Buy Cartoon Toys” Nonsense craziesunshine: gailsimone: Many of you have probably heard of Paul Dini’s interview on Kevin Smith’s Fatman On Batman podcast, where Dini comments that shows on Cartoon Network with large female followings were actually being canceled, because ‘girls don’t buy the toys.’ So the…

  • Medieval jet set had cool sculptures in their tombs to bribe God.

    lolmythesis: Art History, Oporto University.

  • Rather than training your hand and eye while cultivating your mind, you can now pay to learn to talk your way into the field of art. Before you allow yourself to be convinced that you don’t need to know how to make anything anymore to succeed in art, consider what it would be like to…

  • itswalky: communitylego: Sorry, this isn’t Community related, but I just found out that Lego is making a line of Disney Princess sets. This is unbelievably exciting. IF I CAN’T BUILD AN ICE CASTLE THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY

  • morphodite: baby-faced René Crevel—whose homosexuality and ardent communism led him first to expulsion from the surrealists by the intolerant André Breton and then to gas himself in despair at 35 for reasons political and personal…

  • ghosts-in-the-tv: Clint Fulkerson