Month: July 2013

  • womenrockscience: girlinalabcoat: Sylvia is one of my favorite young women in STEM (or STEAM, as she likes to call it – adding ‘Art’ to the equation); she’s the host of a show called Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show! I first learned about her from her excellent exploration/tutorial on squishy circuits (I was a bit nervous about […]

  • cinoh: George Maciunas’s passport, 1972‒78. Fluxus

  • cinoh: Using Hempcrete construction, Team Hemp House, is going to build a hemp demonstration house in Colorado. “The intent is to show that we can use hemp to build the foundation and the walls and the tiles, but also the furnishings in the house, including the food in the fridge. #hemp #sustainable #food #fuel #clothing […]

  • elmerseason: there are so many things i like about this squishy circuit business (Source:

  • Gifprint – Convert Animated Gifs to Printable Flipbooks

    Gifprint – Convert Animated Gifs to Printable Flipbooks

  • cinoh: Master printer, book maker and founder of Greentree Press, Jack Stauffacher is a American National Treasure.  Today he came in wearing a suite of camel linen,a  silk scarf and bowtie.  When I thanked him for wearing the fresh flower in his lapel he said, ‘It really does make the difference.’  At 94 he is […]

  • code drawing collision syntax in Hopscotch

    code drawing collision syntax in Hopscotch

    collision detection syntax in Hopscotch is expressed within each sprite deep in a drop down menu.

  • forwardthinkingeducation: I’ve got a friend who is a high school athletic trainer. As she was looking for examples I thought of this post from Austin Kleon. I’ve used the gif in my classroom for journal topics, but haven’t done much past that. Has anybody used them in a science class or physics? austinkleon: Taking the […]

  • hyperallergic: Glasgow School of Art Threatens to Expel Street Artist A wheatpaste from Peter Drew’s Hamlet series in Glasgow (image via the artist) The Australian… View Post

  • Right now, you might wear a Nike Fuelband, a FitBit Flex, a Withings Pulse, or a Jawbone Up. But as neat as these activity trackers may be, their view is inherently limited. It’s from your wrist or waistband. To delve deeper into our own analytics, we’ll need to electrify our clothing. The Sensoria Smart Sock, […]