Month: July 2011

  • (via United Pixelworkers — Denver) sold out! Missed it!

  • laughingsquid: CloneFactory Can Make An Unsettling Doll That Looks Like You

  • kateoplis: themattsmith: Bjork’s Biophilia iPad app and its first in-app release, Crystalline, are STUNNING.  Seriously, words cannot really do it justice.  You play a game where you collect crystals in certain sequences to unlock different arrangements and elements of the song, which you can then arrange in real-time while playing the game by choosing different […]

  • Ok, now that’s past us, let’s chat about pixel art. I have always been a HUGE fan of pixel art both in games and as a form of art. As an aspiring game developer (games coming soon 😉 ), I found pixel art a great fit for me. Not only is is aesthetically pleasing, it […]

  • They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, so we are going to flatter the heck out of the Nimble Bits guys are learn how to make our own Bitizen characters from Tiny Tower. I have found that a good starting place for learning pixel art (or anything really), is to start with […]

  • Not made by me, but by j-o-n-i-b-o-y Have you been obsessed with NimbleBit’s latest iPhone game Tiny Tower as much as I am? And wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those cute little characters as an avatar for a forum or a social network? After reading Brandontreb’s inspiring Bitizen Tutorial [link] I thought […]

  • QUMA (by celsysCLIPLab) (Source:

  • A solution in search of a problem, or a solution to a problem that you were too proud to cop to? SoftEther has just revealed what might be the final blow to Barbie’s distinguished career: the sensor-splashed QUMA. So far as we can tell, the human-shaped puppet contains a myriad sensors to pick up precise […]

  • prostheticknowledge: The Clone Factory in Japan via Danny Choo Danny Choo checks out this company that can make action figures based on your own appearance. This can be with another pop-culture figure (like the one above), or a figure that has more resemblance to yourself. More photos about the process and other examples can be […]